The earliest record for a Vize in Ireland located to date is that for Joseph Vize who was born in the City of Limerick in 1693. This spelling seems to be most popular in Ireland. Joseph (1693-1734) had four sons who survived to adulthood and married: Edward, John, William and Joseph, recurring names throughout the Vizes in Ireland.

According to writer Elliott O'Donnell (1872-1965), a grandson of Sarah Vize of Limerick (1799-1870), Joseph Vize was the grandson of Joseph Vize of Devon and the heiress Petronella, daughter of Lamnell of Pitton. Nothing has been found of this family in Devon, though there is earlier evidence of Vizes in this area.

Joseph and Petronella's son John is said to be the one who migrated to Ireland, married Mary Butler and had at least one son, the Joseph born in 1693.

Many of the early Irish Vize’s are well-connected. Joseph’s great grandson, John Vize MD, seems to have been of some standing in the Limerick community. There are many professional men amongst the Vize descendants: doctors, lawyers, bank managers and land holders.

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By the late 1700s, members of this family had drifted towards Dublin, establishing three key areas for Vize settlements: Limerick, Tipperary and Dublin.

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