Gippsland Vize family - descendants of John Vize of Rotherhithe

  • Mary Harney, Billi Vize, Bill Vize jr and baby Dorothy ca 1928
  • W H Vize Blacksmith, Buchan Victoria
  • Frederick Parker Vize in his art studio, Echuca Victoria
  • Photograph by William Henry Vize, VSL
  • Vize Pharmacy, Sale Victoria
  • Eve Strickland (nee McDonald) with her five children (from L) Ray Vize, Dorothy Smith, Eve, Betty DuVe, Rose Rusconi and Don Vize
  • Eleanor Vize (nee Norman) with her grandchildren (from L) Rose, Dorothy (back), Ray (front), Don, Betty
  • This picture in the SLV is recorded under the name William Henry Vize yet it was taken by a photography studio in Sydney. Is this William Henry Vize?
  • Eleanor (nee Norman) and Chrissy Vize

Howard Vyses of Staffordshire