Jacob Davey VISE, the sixth child of Edward VISE and Sarah PALMER (see separate Family Group Sheet), was born in 1827 in Holbeach, Lincilnshire. Jacob was the namesake of a younger son who had died in infancy (1822-1823). Jacob was a farmer with a substantial propoerty in the vicinity of Holbeach.

Jabob married Charlotte RUST, registered in July 1850 In Newmarket, Cambridgeshire. Chaarlotte was born about 1822 in Ely, Cambridgeshire. Jacob and Charlotte had one daughter and it appears that Charlotte died soon after the birth, registered in October 1851.

1.  Harriett VISE's birth was registered in July 1851 in Holbeach. Harriett married James BROWNING in 1888 at Newmarket, Cambridgeshire. They had one known child. James had a son and a daughter from a previous marriage. Harriett's death was registered in January 1907 in Newmarket.

a.  Daisy E BROWNING was born in 1891.

Jacob married Susannah WOOLL(E)Y on 18 July 1853 at Withim on the Hill, Lincs. Susannah was born about 1825 in Holbeach, the daughter of William and Eleanor WOOLLEY. Jacob died on 8 October 1870. It appears that Susannah may not have been able to manage the farm and it was sold. Jacob and Susannah had four children. Susannah died on 10 January 1886 in Holbeach.

2.  Jacob Davey VISE's birth was registered in July 1854 and his death in February 1855, both in Holbeach.

3.  Sarah VISE's birth was registered in October 1855 and her death in January 1863, both in Holbeach.

4.  William Edward VISE's birth was registered in April 1859, and his death three months later, both in Holbeach.

5.  Sarah Eleanor VISE's birth was registered in July 1863 in Holbeach. Her elder sister also named Sarah had died earlier that year. Sarah married George Herbert HUGGINS on 22 August 1885 in Holbeach. It is not known if they had children.

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